12-22-11  03:14am  moved to DreamWidth

DW runs like LJ previous to the fail-upgrade. Not counting losing my nifty layout here (I could scrap it back together if I wanted a DW paid account which I am planning for Jan or Feb 2012), I have no reason to stay on LJ anymore; not that it matters but comments here can only be done by LJ friends now, due to spam. All my posts and whatnot have exported to Dreamwidth successfully.



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12-21-11  09:53pm  Writer's Block: Bah Humbug Day!

Take a deep breath. Now rant about something.

Gee, your new layout ridiculousness, Livejournal. DUH. I was gonna put this journal back on paid in February but forget that.


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12-16-11  03:49pm  Broken link reporting / contact the webmaster - AngelReaper.com

I'll format this a bit better once the new layout is live, but yes, this is where to leave a comment if you find a broken link at the AngelReaper webcomic site, where I am becoming webmaster in regards to layout and maintenance. (Regular readers of my journal can ignore this post.)

I have email notification turned on so I'll get the message right away, and a LiveJournal account is not required to leave a comment. Due to potential spam issues, all comments are on this post are screened. No one sees them besides me.

Please describe how you found the broken link so I can fix it promptly. Thanks!
All other webmaster-related reasons to contact me can also be done here.

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11-15-11  02:32pm  Writer's Block: It's payday!

What would you do if you had a million dollars?

Move to Switzerland. xP

doot doot

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09-24-11  05:33am  the evolution of a doll family

It seems my DoA signatures keep track best of how my resin crew has grown over less than a year and a half. I had to dig through my photobucket album for the first couple, then after that it was just a game of plugging in numbers to my usual format of signature filename now. Some jumps in numbers were due more to being lazy about updating the signature than anything else.

Let's take a trip, shall we?

November 26th edit:

Daaang. With the planned DZ order I'll be making somewhere around December 6th or 7th, I'll be at 24 dolls (including 3 heads and one faceplate all waiting on bodies whenever I get around to it). Amazing... and the Puki faceplate's body won't be too spendy, plus another 58-60cm girl or boy DZ body won't be too bad. It's Strata's DoD DoT body and the Soom Supergem one that'll be a pain most likely. Ah well, all stuff for the future.

Original post ending, Sept 24th:

I just made that last one (edit: the last one with just one row), and I think I'm gonna have to add one more doll to the list... Ramza's surprised head, who is telling me she is not "his other head." Gah! XD Well, for now... the current 14-doll sig remains king, pending official new arrivals.

Wow. 14 dolls. And I have 15 more on the wishlist, plus several more that... want to be on it. Badly. Pending drastic changes to moving plans in the spring, this should be it for me for the year. When next I can afford it, big-Karl gets shelled as a Souldoll Kagel, Ashe and Strata get their bodies (plus 'lil miss surprised head needs one too, siiigh), Jian wants a Yo-SD or 14.5cm Tiny for his own doll (which would be an SD or an MSD for him, respectively)... and then we see where we're at. ^_^

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09-07-11  12:19pm  Writer's Block: Blast to the past

If you could travel back in time, what would you tell your 10-year-old self?

Walk out that door and never look back.


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08-29-11  09:41pm  Karl's Pokémon team

Because y'know, if we're gonna play "let's throw a character into a universe you wouldn't expect," this one's a doozy.

clickeh for amusementsCollapse )


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08-10-11  10:00am  Ashraj, Seire, dark-Karl, Karl, and Asura dollyverse story segment

This is another storybit for dolls belonging to Nightweaver and myself. The full dollyverse history timeline for things mostly on my side of the gang is at my BJD site. Ashraj is a Luts SDF Dreaming Abadon, Seire is a Dollshe Rosen, and both belong to Nightweaver. My Asura is a Dollzone Limited Asura and Karl will be a SoulDoll Kagel; dark-Karl will not be shelled, but he would technically look identical to Karl (they are true identical alternates from two completely separate multiverses that were not supposed to be bridgeable, as revealed in previous events). Nightweaver and I brainstormed the main plot points for this particular story before I started writing.

I will most likely post this to y!Gallery later, and I should post both current LJ storybits to DA as well.

read at whim [Rated PG-13: violence and male/male relationships]Collapse )

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08-05-11  07:02am  Writer's Block: Parlez-vous francais?

What other foreign languages do you know? Which one(s) do you want to learn?

Spanish, on which I could survive if I had to but it wouldn't be pretty. Japanese, I think I hit kindergarten level on my DS coach and have forgotten to play it ever since verb rules confused hell out of me. German, uh, a very very little.

I wish I could trade my Spanish knowledge for its equivalent in Japanese, and my barely-there Japanese for slightly-better German.


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07-24-11  02:04am  Ashraj dollyverse arrival backstory for Nightweaver

Making this one readable since I don't want to post anything new to y!Gallery until I finish that last drabble meme set. Mkay, it's up on y!Gallery along with a bonus second part that is all dark smut. So, yesh, as the title states, this is an attempt to fic something of a backstory for my friend Nightweaver's most recent dolly arrival, Ashraj the Luts SDF Dreaming Abadon. She has already done quite a bit of work on Ashraj's extended backstory, but we wanted to corroborate something involving my dolls Asura (Dollzone Limited Asura) and future-big-version Karl (SoulDoll Kagel). I started with her impressions from Ashraj's arrival day, brainstorming via chat, specific character notes from her, and then launched from there.

I do believe this is the same version as on y!Gallery, or darn close.

read at whim, implied male/male relationshipsCollapse )

writing writing

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07-07-11  11:20pm  alphabet drabble meme

Going to attempt Finished the Alphabet Drabble Meme, prompts chosen myself. They're all yaoi/slash or generally guy/guy main relationships so it's all posted on y!Gallery. Note: You must have a y!Gallery account and be logged in to view these, as they are all flagged for content, mostly violence (if you don't, you'll get a "bad page error" or the like).

A: After               - ABC
B: Birthday            - /
C: Cigarette           -/
D: Demon               - DEF
E: Exit                - /
F: Fever               -/
G: Glass               - GHI
H: Help                - /
I: Imprisoned          -/
J: Jump                - JKL
K: Kleptomaniac        - /
L: Listen              -/
M: Murder              - MN
N: Never               -/
O: Old                 - OPQ
P: Prince              - /
Q: Queen               -/
R: Revolution          - RST
S: Substitute          - /
T: Tension             -/
U: Untrustworthy       - UVW
V: Vision              - /
W: Wander              -/
X: Xenolith            - XYZ
Y: Young               - /
Z: Zen                 -/


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06-20-11  02:53pm  Writer's Block: See you on the other side

If you could find out what happens after you die, would you want to know?

I happened to read this as meaning "what happens with the rest of the world after you die." Amusing that I misunderstood the question. To answer the misunderstood version... I'd be dead. Why the eff would I care? XD

To answer the proper version... I don't really care either. It'll happen, and I know what version(s) it won't be, soooo... *shrug* As Peter Pan said, "To die would be an awfully big adventure."


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06-06-11  04:50pm  untitled

...this space here, it's supposed to be me working on a chapter of a current project. Or even rebooting a new shiny that didn't go like I wanted. Or... a drabble... or something.

Obviously, that's not what this is. I can feel the urge to write, but my mind is blank. I'll probably play World of Timesink instead, but I don't really even want to do that. Frustrating. I know what did it too, stressful junk I had to deal with today. Calling Medicare. Social Security. My doctor. Medicare again. And then Amerigroup, who started all this, an insurance company that can go die. In a fire. In acid. Fire.

So, I'm sitting here, writing something because my brain wants to write. And that's all it's giving me. Real helpful. Maybe I'll go level my lil' neglected kitty druid after all. Time needs sunk, to get past this funk. Or some...thunk. Poet I am not today, either.

To end, hah, I have used LiveJournal for its most basic purpose: to whine like an emo bitch. Except a true emo doesn't actually have real problems. Hmm. I can haz trade lives with true emo plz?


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06-06-11  04:37pm  Writer's Block: Revenge of the midnight movie

What is your favorite cult film, and why?

Blade Runner. the director's cut. Roy is such a dream~

.....work, brain...

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05-24-11  04:44pm  fun with Dream Selfy

So being as LJ doesn't like the embed code, have some linksh of some of my favorite OC's chibified. And yes, these are all guys. XD

http://plustg.com/dream/309255/share - Aster (J-Rock AU music video form)
http://plustg.com/dream/309457/share - Jean (Victorian era or earlier)
http://plustg.com/dream/309414/share - Karl (piratey version)
http://plustg.com/dream/309424/share - Michael (also piratey version)
http://plustg.com/dream/309435/share - Asura (modern day, everyday outfit)
http://plustg.com/dream/309430/share - Jian (modern day)
http://plustg.com/dream/309442/share - Zeres (Victorian era or so)
http://plustg.com/dream/309448/share - Ashe (modern day, elegant sniper mode)

Now do your ownnnn. You know you want to. :3

And dammit, this is a horrible dolly-enabler tool. I definitely want to shell Zeres now. ^^;;

i need 2 sleep, liek, yestrday

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05-21-11  08:08pm  Writer's Block: Apocalypse now?

It's the beginning of the end, according to Harold Camping. How will you spend what could be your last day on Earth?

HAHAHA forgot about that. playing WoW and writing gaysmut, apparently. I R SO GOING TO ZE HELL PLACE. I hear they have cookies.


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05-18-11  08:33pm  Writer's Block: Collect 'em all

Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect, and what made you start your collection?

Asian ball-jointed dolls of the resin variety. I have five at home (technically, one is away at "the spa" in Switzerland), plus one floating head, and one almost-fullset on layaway. I realized in my beginning fan stages that I could afford a Tiny (and I mean tiny, six inches high). My next doll was in the same size range, and only slightly more expensive. Then I graduated to a 1/3 scale (SD) epic fullset doll (Dollzone Limited Asura, he is so much yum) and the rest is history. It's a bit amazing when I realize that I've only been a BJD owner for just under a year now.

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05-10-11  06:16pm  Writer's Block: Forever young

If you found a magical stone that could keep one person young forever, would you keep it or give it to someone else? If the latter, to whom would you give it?

.........I'd keep it. Been waiting for something magical for a very long time.

writing writing plot plot

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05-07-11  06:24pm  Fringe mini-rant

Arighty, so the season finale has been bugging me and I dunno if whining about it here will help, but who knows. I've got an LJ, I may as well use it for LJ-ish purposes, yes? XD

here there be spoilersCollapse )


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04-25-11  09:31am  Spam spammity spam...

Dear retarded spam commenters, not that you'll read this...

To my knowledge, nobody reads my journal. If they do, they certainly aren't going to fall for your comments that are now marked suspicious by LJ and most likely unseeable to anybody but me. You only create more work for me, deleting your stupid-ass comments. Fuck. Off. And. Die.



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