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Fringe mini-rant

Arighty, so the season finale has been bugging me and I dunno if whining about it here will help, but who knows. I've got an LJ, I may as well use it for LJ-ish purposes, yes? XD

Spoiler warning initiated!

Okayso. I finally actually caught the show at its usual airing time (I tend to forget and watch it online, plus I haven't had actual TV for eons until semi-recently). I am usually glued to the show, but this time even with better resolution and no lag or framerate issues, I found it very easy to get distracted. 'Cuz we weren't really watching Fringe anymore, were we? I'm not really sure what we were watching.

It feels like when Pretender went down the drain so many years ago. Huh, and it's another NBC show, imagine that. I thought maybe Fringe had been cancelled for next season, but a quick Google search shows that it's been renewed. So why does it seem like we got a crappy "hey, nobody will guess this so we should totally use it even if it doesn't make sense!" ending? Peter never existed? Great... so...

Peter's mother committed suicide for no reason. Walter brought havoc to the alternate universe by stepping into it and removing Peter to replace his dead son, for no reason. Countless people died on both sides but especially the alternate universe, for no reason. A difficult romance between Olivia and Peter has finally found its right footing only to be instantly dissolved, for no reason. The two universes now have to reconcile with each other and try to fix the problems Walter created in the first place... for no reason.

Yeah, I feel like we got gypped. I don't care about predictable details or endings, sometimes they just happen, and honestly Fringe has until now done a good job of keeping us guessing anyways. Here, they jumped the shark. Nuked the Fridge. Unexisted the Peter. (...Does that sound as ridiculously, immaturely funny to anyone else as it does to me?) I am literally wondering if they changed writers, or maybe I'm hoping that they did, just for some kind of explanation for what we're left with.

I suppose Fringe has its work cut out for itself next season, explaining what happened. And honestly... I don't care. They've lost me. I dropped Heroes when they pulled this crap, though I tried to stick with it for several episodes even though I asked myself way too many times with each new installment, "Why am I watching this show?" A lot of the final episodes of The Pretender, along with the two movies that shouldn't even be mentioned for how puke-tastic they are, pretty much killed the fanbase and had us either scrambling to write our own fanfictiony versions or just throw up our hands and walk away.

Bye, Fringe. One less show to watch... yet again.

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