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fun with Dream Selfy

So being as LJ doesn't like the embed code, have some linksh of some of my favorite OC's chibified. And yes, these are all guys. XD

http://plustg.com/dream/309255/share - Aster (J-Rock AU music video form)
http://plustg.com/dream/309457/share - Jean (Victorian era or earlier)
http://plustg.com/dream/309414/share - Karl (piratey version)
http://plustg.com/dream/309424/share - Michael (also piratey version)
http://plustg.com/dream/309435/share - Asura (modern day, everyday outfit)
http://plustg.com/dream/309430/share - Jian (modern day)
http://plustg.com/dream/309442/share - Zeres (Victorian era or so)
http://plustg.com/dream/309448/share - Ashe (modern day, elegant sniper mode)

Now do your ownnnn. You know you want to. :3

And dammit, this is a horrible dolly-enabler tool. I definitely want to shell Zeres now. ^^;;
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