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...this space here, it's supposed to be me working on a chapter of a current project. Or even rebooting a new shiny that didn't go like I wanted. Or... a drabble... or something.

Obviously, that's not what this is. I can feel the urge to write, but my mind is blank. I'll probably play World of Timesink instead, but I don't really even want to do that. Frustrating. I know what did it too, stressful junk I had to deal with today. Calling Medicare. Social Security. My doctor. Medicare again. And then Amerigroup, who started all this, an insurance company that can go die. In a fire. In acid. Fire.

So, I'm sitting here, writing something because my brain wants to write. And that's all it's giving me. Real helpful. Maybe I'll go level my lil' neglected kitty druid after all. Time needs sunk, to get past this funk. Or some...thunk. Poet I am not today, either.

To end, hah, I have used LiveJournal for its most basic purpose: to whine like an emo bitch. Except a true emo doesn't actually have real problems. Hmm. I can haz trade lives with true emo plz?
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