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alphabet drabble meme

Going to attempt Finished the Alphabet Drabble Meme, prompts chosen myself. They're all yaoi/slash or generally guy/guy main relationships so it's all posted on y!Gallery. Note: You must have a y!Gallery account and be logged in to view these, as they are all flagged for content, mostly violence (if you don't, you'll get a "bad page error" or the like).

A: After               - ABC
B: Birthday            - /
C: Cigarette           -/
D: Demon               - DEF
E: Exit                - /
F: Fever               -/
G: Glass               - GHI
H: Help                - /
I: Imprisoned          -/
J: Jump                - JKL
K: Kleptomaniac        - /
L: Listen              -/
M: Murder              - MN
N: Never               -/
O: Old                 - OPQ
P: Prince              - /
Q: Queen               -/
R: Revolution          - RST
S: Substitute          - /
T: Tension             -/
U: Untrustworthy       - UVW
V: Vision              - /
W: Wander              -/
X: Xenolith            - XYZ
Y: Young               - /
Z: Zen                 -/
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