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Ashraj dollyverse arrival backstory for Nightweaver

Making this one readable since I don't want to post anything new to y!Gallery until I finish that last drabble meme set. Mkay, it's up on y!Gallery along with a bonus second part that is all dark smut. So, yesh, as the title states, this is an attempt to fic something of a backstory for my friend Nightweaver's most recent dolly arrival, Ashraj the Luts SDF Dreaming Abadon. She has already done quite a bit of work on Ashraj's extended backstory, but we wanted to corroborate something involving my dolls Asura (Dollzone Limited Asura) and future-big-version Karl (SoulDoll Kagel). I started with her impressions from Ashraj's arrival day, brainstorming via chat, specific character notes from her, and then launched from there.

I do believe this is the same version as on y!Gallery, or darn close.


Ashraj hovered before the stretch of emptiness where the eerie wrong sensation felt most intense. Something was happening here. Long hair of charcoal grey with merely the gentlest waves did not stir, no actual air to cause such an effect between planes. Form and figure were human to those who did not know better, clothed in flowing white robes with delicate silver accents. Eyes were grey that faded into a soft lilac center, for so long had never opened until recent times. They did so now, just barely. They were looking for Luciole. Was Luciole on the far side of this?

Whoever it was, someone was trying to break through. But from where? This space was already between universes, technically it should be easy to cross from one to the other or linger in this nether realm, unless it was someone unused to the ability to do so, or experimenting with new powers. Yet it didn't feel right for that... no, this was something entirely foreign.

The explosion was sudden, so much so that Ashraj wasn't sure whether it was a true explosion or a horrifically-powerful energy surge. One thing was certain: the heat was incredible. Technicalities mattered very little, because although he managed to remain unsinged, he was stunned, falling, nowhere to land as there was no substance here if one did not bring or create it oneself.

No longer falling. Disoriented, eyes closed completely once more. Other senses could usually see so much better than physical eyes, but aftermath of world-rending trauma left its mark even on someone whom most would call a deity. Finally, Ashraj could tell enough about his present situation to know that he was being... held. By someone. Caught between strong arms, as if a bride being carried over threshold although this was certainly no wedding's end.

The eyes opened again slightly, peered up to see blue eyes and short blond hair, strong lines in the very handsome and human-looking face though this was obviously not a human. A mature age, but not old; a man in his prime... or... no, a demon. Yes, that much was certain. But who, and why the cataclysm? Why did there seem to be something still so very wrong about this person? It was the same feeling as previous to the explosion, though it was slowly fading even now. It was something that... did not belong.

The stranger spoke first. "Guten tag. Mein apologies for ze disturbance, it seems to have caught you off guard."

Ashraj took note of other details as his usual senses realigned themselves. The stranger with the thick... German accent?... yes, Earth's Germany... was wearing a long sleeveless jacket of maroon-red leather, black leather pants, and nothing else. No weaponry, but that meant little. Hushed words finally made it forth, strained but audible. "Who... are you?"

"I prefer ze designation of Karl. Und you might be?"

"Ashraj..." It was strange, feeling vulnerable in this demon's arms, a demon who chose to look entirely human just as much as the deity did. Ashraj had never been the submissive kind, and yet, perhaps it was the presence this Karl seemed to own just by existing that brought new thoughts and feelings of that kind. I do not even know him. "What... what were you doing... to cause so much..." Why was it this hard to make it through an entire sentence?

Karl smirked. "I vas told zese verlds could not be accessed. I have proven zat incorrect, zough I sink in ze process I have broken ze ability to cross again." Behind and above could be seen a dangerous rip in the fabric of inter-dimensional space, black, unstable, and sparking with furious bouts of jagged colors.

One thing Ashraj was growing more certain of in the midst of so many other questions, was that this new arrival was someone evil. The deity tried to summon enough strength to free himself from the light hold, but even slight exertion brought another wave of dizziness. "Please... please, let me go..."

"Nein. You are too veak, und it is mein fault entirely. I intend to make it up to you." A dark smile implied more things than a proverbial cup of tea and polite conversation.

Ashraj shuddered at the smile, at the look in those sparkling blue eyes. Cold, like ice. And very, very possessive. I am older than the multiverse. This cannot be happening to me! Although it was a frightening risk, staying here at Karl's mercy was worse, so every ounce of power available funneled straight into a multi-dimensional blink. The destination was not nearly so crucial as the chance to escape, and to do so without being followed.

Karl found his arms completely empty of the pretty creature who could have been so very intriguing. But alas, there was not even a thread of energy left to trace to wherever this Ashraj had gone. The demon rubbed his fingers together, then shrugged and looked back towards the gaping tear. Yes, the way back was indeed blocked forever... and since one entity had already taken interest in the fluctuations here, others might come along as well. Better to find out what these universes were like without being unfairly exposed.

The fire demon in human form vanished now as well, travel between planes once again just as easy as it had been in a multiverse that was once thought to be the only such creation in existence.

A new visitor to the shattering floated and frowned, very long red hair hanging straight. White skin held almost a blue-like hue if it caught the light a certain way, red eyes in the nearly-effeminate face staying locked on the disturbance. Armor and clothing looked both ancient and somehow modern, much black leather in use along with red silken cape and accents elsewhere in red and blue of the same material. Almost tribal black tattoos snaked up the left side of chest, arm, and face, and that face appeared to be made up in shades of blue although there was no cosmetic substance in use. The newcomer was a deity as well, and lord of the underworld to boot.

Asura raised his black-nailed left hand, long spear held firmly in gauntlet on the right. Tried to read what the chaotic energies were telling him. This... was left behind by a great transference. Whatever it connected to was no longer on the far side. That, or the connection itself no longer existed. Could this have been a conduit to the mysterious complete alternate multiverse Andromeda spoke of? If so, it was certainly no longer useable, and far beyond the deity's abilities to patch. It would have to heal on its own, if it could.

A sudden crackling below, twisting black cloud of more injured nether dissipating quickly as it was not a part of the original wound. There hung in space a white-robed figure, unmoving. Asura went to him... yes, him, but who? Incredibly ancient, much like himself. The spear was left to float where it could be easily reached, arms carefully gathering the stranger into gentle hold.

"Can you hear me?" Asura could tell the newcomer was terribly drained, sensed contamination from the rift still boiling angrily above. Had this person crossed over from the far side, and was only now able to manifest here? There was no response, and although it would most likely do very little, blue lips met unresponsive cheek for a soft kiss.

Patient waiting finally brought forth a weak moan, slight stirrings as eyelashes fluttered. Ashraj found reality much the same as he had left it, except in the arms of someone different this time. Very different, from Karl, but not from himself. That was all senses would tell right now, true physical details at a loss to both mind and slits of blurred vision quickly given up on. Still, Ashraj tensed, as much as his unhappy form allowed.

Asura sensed the fear, smiled kindly. "Do not be afraid, my name is Asura and I am one of the first... as are you?" Details about even older entities did not need discussed at the present time, might be unknown to this particular individual no matter which multiverse he came from. That there could be ones like Asura on this side that had never made their presence known to the others was no great surprise, having been theorized and discussed long ago.

"Y-yes..." Ashraj sensed peace within this new rescuer, a true rescuer as opposed to the dangerous demon. Whose name... was... why could he not remember? Wait... "Karl... a demon named Karl... did this... came from a place that... that he said wasn't supposed to connect with here... said he... broke it, the way to do so..."

Red eyes narrowed. Karl? Impossible. Karl was nothing but a pint-sized brat of a vampire back in the home now shared with a most kind host and several other individuals. A strange collection of souls from several planes, to be sure, but... Karl!? "I know of a Karl, but he is not a demon. Do you know where this one has gone?"

"N-no... I tried to... escape him. He was..." A shudder at the memory. "...very evil. Dangerous. I... I have to find Luciole... protect him..." The random destination not even properly planned out must have failed. Perhaps the rift was too powerful and nullified the escape attempt, pulling the weakened soul back. It was a very lucky thing Asura was here upon return and not Karl.

Recognition again behind red eyes, for a name far less common. "I know a Luciole as well, and if they are one and the same, then that must make you... Ashraj?" At a faint nod, Asura continued. "I know where he can be found. I could take you there, but I now worry myself for those in my own care." Asura looked up at the rift and frowned. If there were any connection between this new Karl and the known one, things could go very badly very quickly.

"Tell me..." gasped Ashraj, "...tell me where to go. Where to find him, my Luciole. If you can lend me power... anything... I can make it. I think I am too weak to escape the pull of this place alone."

The redhead nodded, though he was still unsure of his pseudo-kindred's safety. "I can do this, help send you where you need to go. I would heal you properly if I could, but there is little I can do for great drain or damage. There are others where Luciole is, perhaps they can better help. As to this new demon, I cannot sense him nearby nor what path he has taken. It may be a very difficult investigation indeed." All the more reason to start the search as soon as possible.

Ashraj could only nod in agreement, another dizzy spell taking its toll. He barely heard the beginnings of an incantation, only a vague sense of runes drawing themselves into existence and floating circles around the hovering pair. Eyes finally opened just enough to take in Asura's face, vision clearing to see... "...Luciole." But... no... this wasn't...

Asura smiled, finishing the spell before shaking his head negative. "No, I merely look very much like him. We have shared visual letters of a sort, and I noted the similarity immediately. It is a curiosity to which neither of us have an answer. If you could, when you see him, give him my regards."

"I will..." Ashraj closed his eyes again, felt borrowed power building up within him. It would not be long now. Luciole... I never... I never properly told you... how I feel... about you. Can I... will I be able to tell you now?

Another, shorter incantation, then Asura asked, "There, can you see it? The way to Luciole's home."

"Yes..." barely a whisper in response, every ounce of energy conserved for the trip waiting to be taken. "...thank you..."

"You are most welcome. Good luck, Ashraj. I hope we will meet again under better circumstances."

Ashraj just nodded once more, feeling the pull of a path being aided by someone else's strength. He vanished from the warm, kind arms into darkness, felt worlds tumble past as he neared the destination. Neither he nor Asura could have known that even with the much-needed help, Ashraj's mind failed in the last steps of transit. The destination was reached, body itself revitalized by absorbing the remainder of friendly energies, but memories shattered for a spirit under too much stress and too recent exposure to the rift that should never have existed in the first place.


Ashraj and Luciole belong to Nightweaver, Karl (both versions) and Asura belong to me.
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