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Karl's Pokémon team

Because y'know, if we're gonna play "let's throw a character into a universe you wouldn't expect," this one's a doozy.

Houndoom Houndoom Mew Banette Mismagius Chandelure
Des Und Mord Hund Entfesseln Krieges

Edit: Redid the naming, the original version was a joke brainstormed up with Stefan and was each Pokémon with one part of "Let Loose Ze Hounds Of Var" as its name (and the dogs naturally had Ze and Of for names, just to be contrary). This version is much better and more fitting considering it's German, and when rearranged becomes "Mord rufen und des Krieges Hund entfesseln!" which is the proper equivalent of the quote "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!" from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

...And yes, that is a Mew. The most craziest batsh*t creepy-arse Mew in all Pokédom. The more literal translation for his name by itself is "murder." >D The dogs would be Karl's main critters (used together of course, why in the nine hells would he follow the rules?) and I have a feeling Mew hangs around his shoulder a lot. :3 The other most innocuous-looking creature gets the name that means "war"... mister lamp. XD

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